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"Launch Night of the Debut Album Run Free Right Now was one of the best gigs I have seen all year. They are an amazing live band! They are really really good so if you get the chance to see them you should. They do a wide spectrum of music from RnB, funk, blues, country, folk. Excellent! They are such fun!

Green Grass is one of my favourite songs of the year."

Mike Davies, Alternative Roots Music, BRUM Radio 03.12.17.

The Lost Notes write about things that matter. Like the perils of one night stands and plastic surgery, the plight of bankers, greaseballs, snakes, Greco-Roman health and safety failings, mules, mermaids and the downright miserable. They are a 5-piece band based in Moseley, Birmingham, UK, where politics, revelry, misery and glee abound. It makes for a great night out.

They write songs for chin-strokers, foot-stompers, head-nodders and those who like to partake in the dark art of inarticulate dancing and hollering.

It happens. And they love it. All delivered in glorious 3 part harmonies.

All on "The Lost Notes: Run Free Right Now,"  together with tales of Sheikhs, taxmen, dead men and caterwauls. 

You can open/download a full EPK/bio here. 

Maverick Country Music Magazine - Review of Debut Album Run Free Right Now

**** [4/5 star]: “Sublime…fearless and entertaining....Extremely clever song-writing and wonderful guitar playing.

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The full album can be streamed below with all the lyrics available. 

The first three tracks can be downloaded as free MP3s for radio play purposes.

Over 15,000 views of our recent performance of Run Free Right Now  for The Narrowboat Sessions! Check it out here.

Over 22,000 views of our further performance of Green Grass for the Narrowboat Sessions! Check THAT one out here. 

If you would like a physical copy of the album sent to you, or an MP3/WAV of any other  track on the album simply email thelostnotes@outlook.com or text/call +447812175850 with the details of the track, the format and your email address and it will be swiftly dispatched/emailed. 

NB: Click on the note icon on the far side of the track player to see all the lyrics for the song you are listening to.

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